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Tree Nursery Bloemendaal

We are specialized in growing exclusive topiary of Chamaecyparis cultivars. Chamaecyparis is a conifer which is not frost-sensitive. This conifer lends itself particular well to be pruned into form. The slow growth makes it possible, even easy, for the customer to keep up the shape.

Excellent Quality

All our topiary is on open land. After the order has been called for, all forms will be potted at your request in a decorative terracotta plastic container. Besides the excellent potting soil which is used, we give each plant an organic manure substance which enables the plan to grow optimally for about 8 months. The pot will be topped with little peaches of wood for decoration. At every plant we hang a photograph label in 3 languages with tips for application and treatment.

Topiary is not new. It is at the moment however again a hot item. Nowadays a garden must frequently be tightly. In antiquity one had already topiary. It exists from the Baroque time. But in those days it was only achievable for the aristocrats. In our days topiary can be bought by almost everybody.

This specialization is unique for the Netherlands. Topiary of conifers can also be found in Italy. They generally use cultivars which are more frost-sensitive. Moreover, those cultivars grow faster as a result of which it is for an individual less simple to keep up the form.